Passover Seder Expresses Solidarity with Gaza Amid University of Pennsylvania Protest

In a gesture of solidarity with the people of Gaza, a Passover Seder meal was held near a protest encampment at the University of Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Organized by Tikkun Olam Chavurah, Jewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia, Rabbis for Ceasefire, and Families for Ceasefire, the event aimed to foster unity and advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza. Attendees had the opportunity to share matzah, engage in poetry readings, and find solace within a community dedicated to peace and justice.

Rabbi Linda Holtzman, from Tikkun Olam Chavurah, expressed how the celebration of Passover felt incomplete amidst the ongoing violence in Gaza. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the suffering of the Palestinian people while commemorating liberation.

Meanwhile, student protesters have been camping out on the University of Pennsylvania campus, demanding transparency regarding the university’s investments and advocating for the rights of pro-Palestinian students. Despite the university’s concerns about policy violations and reports of harassment, protesters maintain that their actions are peaceful and aimed at raising awareness.

The event organizers stressed the significance of supporting the students’ demands, particularly regarding financial transparency. Tali Ruskin, a supporter of Palestine within the Jewish community, highlighted the challenges of confronting the realities of the conflict and urged more people to acknowledge the impact of violence abroad.

As tensions persist, initiatives like the Passover Seder serve as reminders of the importance of solidarity and advocacy for peace in the face of conflict.

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