Hopkins Justice Collective: A Step Forward in Protest at Johns Hopkins University

Following a 13-day protest, the encampment at Johns Hopkins University has concluded. The agreement between the school and the pro-Palestinian protesters requires the prompt removal of the temporary shelters. As a gesture of goodwill, Hopkins has agreed to promptly review the protestors’ request for divestment.

The Hopkins Justice Collective, the organisers of the protest, declared the conclusion of the encampment at a rally that was attended by approximately 50 individuals.

While not seen as a triumph, it is regarded as a noteworthy advancement. As per their announcement, Hopkins has decided to speed up its review process for divestment by five months. The board of trustees is set to discuss the proposal from March to June 2025.

University president Ron Daniels highlighted that although the encampment has concluded, the long-term effects of the protest remain uncertain. After some initial negotiations, Hopkins proposed a meeting with Daniels as a way to resolve the protest.

As part of the agreement, Hopkins has agreed to halt student conduct proceedings regarding the encampment, as long as there are no additional disruptions on campus. However, individuals who are linked to the protest may face potential consequences in future disciplinary hearings for any violations of the student conduct code.

Protesters dedicated their Sunday afternoon to disassembling the encampment that had been established on the campus lawn referred to as “The Beach.” President Daniels highlighted the significance of free expression while emphasising the importance of conducting it safely and in accordance with university regulations.

The encampment started on April 28, as students voiced their demand for divestment from companies that support Israel. Despite unsuccessful negotiations earlier this month, the encampment persisted until a resolution was finally reached. Protests have been taking place at universities across the country in response to Israel’s actions in Gaza.

At the closing rally, speakers reaffirmed their unwavering backing for the Palestinian cause and underscored the inherent humanity of Palestinians.

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