Unified Command Finds Last Missing Fatality in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Following the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, recovery efforts have come to a melancholy end, with authorities confirming the recovery of the body of the sixth and final missing fatality. On Tuesday, Unified Command salvage workers located José Mynor López, 37, of Baltimore, providing closure to his family in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Colonel Roland Butler, Jr., superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, offered his sympathies, recognizing the importance of this development in bringing closure to the families of the six workers killed in the incident.

López was among the construction workers who tragically died while patching potholes on a bridge span when the container ship Dali collided with one of the Key Bridge’s piers on March 26, causing it to collapse.

The incident claimed the lives of Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval, Carlos Daniel Hernandez Estrella, Miguel Angel Luna Gonzalez, and López. Two workers survived the disaster.

As recovery operations come to an end, the community mourns the deaths of these individuals and stands in solidarity with their families during this terrible time.

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