Two Strange Haunted Roads In North Carolina Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

North Carolina boasts abundant natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and cultural diversity. It’s also a state steeped in mystery, with reports of paranormal activity. Some of the most enigmatic places within North Carolina are its haunted roads, where tales of strange phenomena and ghostly encounters have circulated for years. Two of these roads, Gravity Hill in Richfield and Payne Road in Saxapahaw stand out for their peculiar and unexplainable characteristics.

Gravity Hill: Where Gravity Takes a Turn

Situated in Richfield, a small town in Stanly County, Gravity Hill is a road that challenges the laws of gravity. When drivers ascend Gravity Hill and shift their cars into neutral, instead of rolling downhill, they inexplicably roll uphill. While skeptics attribute this phenomenon to an optical illusion created by the hill’s topography, some locals and visitors entertain a supernatural explanation. Legend has it that a tragic incident occurred on Gravity Hill, where a young mother and her child, stranded one night, were hit by a truck while attempting to push their stalled car to safety. Ghostly tales persist, suggesting that their spirits linger, assisting other drivers in need.

In an attempt to validate the supernatural claims, individuals have applied baby powder to their car trunks before stopping at Gravity Hill. After experiencing their cars being pushed uphill, some claim to have discovered mysterious handprints on the back of their vehicles, sparking debates about the identity of these spectral imprints.

Payne Road: Haunted by a Dark Past

Found in Saxapahaw, Payne Road, situated about 20 miles west of Chapel Hill, is haunted by the malevolent deeds of a former plantation owner, Edward Payne, and his descendants. Legend tells a dark tale of Payne, a slave owner, devil worshipper, and murderer, who allegedly killed his daughter’s lover, a slave, and perished in a plantation fire alongside his slaves. Payne Road is said to be haunted by the restless spirits of Payne and his victims.

Similar to Gravity Hill, Payne Road exhibits a gravity anomaly. If a driver stops at a specific location on Payne Road and puts the car in neutral, it mysteriously rolls uphill. Explanations vary, with some attributing it to the Earth’s magnetic fields, while others connect it to the alleged curse of Edward Payne and his family.

Adding to the intrigue, Payne Road is linked to another haunted road in North Carolina: Edward’s Road in Raleigh. This road is haunted by the ghost of Lydia, said to be Edward Payne’s granddaughter, who perished in a car crash on her way to a dance. Reports include picking up a hitchhiker matching Lydia’s description, only to find her inexplicably disappearing from the car.

Conclusion: Enigmatic Destinations

Gravity Hill and Payne Road rank among North Carolina’s most haunted and mysterious roads, defying conventional expectations of gravity. Legends, stories, and rumors swirl around these locations, cultivating a blend of curiosity and fear among visitors. Regardless of whether one leans toward scientific or paranormal explanations, the undeniable fascination and intrigue make these roads compelling destinations for those drawn to a good mystery.

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