The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Delaware is Terrifying

Delaware, though small, boasts a rich history and its fair share of eerie locales. Among these, the Old Swedes Church and Cemetery in Wilmington stand out as one of the most haunted sites. Established in the 17th century by Swedish settlers seeking religious freedom, this historic site has borne witness to a multitude of events—from wars and fires to weddings and funerals. However, not all the souls interred here have found solace in the afterlife, with some allegedly lingering, their tales evoking terror.

The Headless Soldier

The Old Swedes Cemetery is renowned for its spectral inhabitants, and one of the most well-known is the headless soldier. This apparition is believed to be a British soldier from the Revolutionary War, meeting a grisly end during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777 when a cannonball severed his head. Although his body found rest in the cemetery, his head was never recovered. Since then, stories abound of his nocturnal wanderings, searching for his missing head. Witnesses have described sightings of him carrying a lantern and a sword, while others claim to have heard mournful moans and cries.

The Lady in Blue

Another melancholic figure haunting the Old Swedes Cemetery is the lady in blue. Allegedly, she is the spirit of a young woman who succumbed to heartbreak in the 18th century. In love with a man pledged to another, she could not endure the pain of separation. Choosing to end her life in the nearby Christina River, she was laid to rest in the cemetery, clad in a blue dress crafted for her lover. Now, she roams the graveyard in her blue attire, at times singing a sorrowful melody or shedding silent tears.

The Phantom Dog

A more menacing presence within the Old Swedes Cemetery is the phantom dog. Described as a large, black canine with glowing red eyes and a threatening growl, this spectral entity is deemed the guardian of the cemetery. It harbors disdain for trespassers and vandals, often chasing and attacking those who venture in after dark—especially those who disrespect the graves or the church. Some even claim to have been bitten, with bloody marks or scars left behind as ominous reminders.

These narratives merely scratch the surface of the haunted history enveloping this Delaware cemetery. For the intrepid, a visit to the Old Swedes Church and Cemetery may reveal these restless spirits firsthand. However, a word of caution: what you encounter may be far from pleasant.


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