John Rich Plans Major Event to Honor UNC Students Defending American Flag

Country music star John Rich is lauding a group of students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for their heroic actions in preventing the American flag from touching the ground during recent anti-Israel protests on campus.

A viral photo capturing the moment when these students intervened to protect the flag caught Rich’s attention, prompting him to organize a free concert at Chapel Hill. The event, tentatively named “Flagstock,” is anticipated to become one of the university’s biggest gatherings, drawing an array of artists to show support for the courageous students.

Rich commended the students for their bravery in upholding American values and defying the protesters, emphasizing the importance of recognizing such acts of patriotism, especially among the younger generation. He hopes that honoring these students will ignite similar sentiments across the country and serve as a unifying moment for patriots.

Reflecting on the current political climate, Rich expressed that people across the ideological spectrum are fed up with divisive rhetoric and yearn for unity. He called on college campuses nationwide to host similar events to celebrate the flag and express love for the country.

In an impassioned message to students, Rich emphasized their right to pursue happiness and urged them to stand up against any threats to their freedoms. He encouraged them not to remain silent in the face of adversity, but to actively defend their rights and values, just as the UNC students did.

Rich’s sentiments echo the theme of his show, “The Pursuit! with John Rich,” which premieres on FOX Business. Through interviews with celebrities and friends, the show explores how individuals have achieved the American dream, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and determination.

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