Governor Kristi Noem Halts Fox Business Host in Heated Interview

During an interview on Tuesday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem got into a heated disagreement with Fox Business host Stuart Varney. The conversation centred on Noem’s contentious choice to slaughter her dog, with Varney questioning the impact on her political future, notably a possible candidature as former President Trump’s running mate.

Noem defended her conduct, claiming that the dog was a threat to her family’s safety due to its aggressive behaviour against cattle and persons. Despite Varney’s persistence on the subject, Noem repeated her position, emphasising her dedication to honesty and integrity in her memoir.

When asked about her political ambitions and the potential consequences of the dog incident, Noem shifted the discussion, emphasising her commitment to serving her constituents and the necessity for Trump’s return to the White House.

Varney continued to press the matter, and Noem eventually cut him off, calling the discussion “ridiculous” and urged a change to more substantial issues of national concern.

The conversation also touched on the dog’s age, with Varney questioning Noem’s description of Cricket as an adult working dog. Despite interruptions, Noem held her ground, defining Cricket’s age as “a year and a half old.”

Varney also questioned the political logic of include the dog incident in her biography, citing other reported errors about her encounters with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

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