Gov. DeSantis Criticizes Katie Hobbs for Vetoing Arizona Squatter Measure

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs faced criticism from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for vetoing legislation that would have empowered law enforcement to remove squatters.

DeSantis expressed his disapproval during an event in Redington Beach, questioning the message conveyed by Hobbs’ veto. He highlighted the lengthy process property owners would have to endure if squatters were allowed to remain in their homes.

In contrast to Hobbs’ concerns about due process and unintended consequences, DeSantis signed HB 621 in Florida, aiming to eradicate squatter scams in the state. He emphasized the importance of protecting property owners and penalizing criminals attempting to exploit the system.

Under Florida’s law, homeowners have the right to request police intervention to remove individuals who have unlawfully entered their property and refused to leave. However, this provision does not apply to tenants engaged in legal disputes with homeowners.

The legislation introduced severe penalties for squatters, including misdemeanor charges for making false statements to obtain property rights and felony charges for causing significant damages or attempting to sell or rent properties they do not own.

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