From Investigations to Intimidations: Congress Members Face Trump’s Retaliation

Amidst talks about what could happen if former President Donald Trump were to secure a second term, members of Congress who were key players in investigating the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot are feeling uneasy about their safety and the looming threat of potential arrest.

In frank conversations with CBS News, House Democrats who led the House Jan. 6 select committee, along with some police officers who testified before it, shared their worries about possible repercussions from a future Trump administration.

Trump’s recent social media post on March 18 hinted at the idea of future arrests targeting select committee members, including the vice chair, former Rep. Liz Cheney. This statement has only heightened concerns among committee members.

Representative Adam Schiff from California, one of the seven Democrats on the Jan. 6 select committee, opened up about the serious talks he’s had with his wife about their safety in the face of these threats. The uncertainty of what’s to come has lawmakers like Schiff thinking hard about their own security.

Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Representative Pete Aguilar, recognizes the gravity of Trump’s threats but stays strong. Despite the ominous warnings, Aguilar finds comfort in the unwavering support of his family, joking about their determination to visit him no matter where he is.

Reflecting on her time working with the committee, Representative Zoe Lofgren, also from California, stressed the seriousness of Trump’s words, noting his tendency to follow through with his plans. Lofgren herself has dealt with harassment from Trump supporters, adding to worries about potential backlash.

Former Washington, D.C., police officer Michael Fanone, a vocal critic of Trump, voiced concerns about the former president’s intentions, especially his possible use of the Department of Justice against his adversaries. Fanone, who testified before the select committee, remains firm in his commitment to speaking out against injustice despite the looming threats.

Echoing similar feelings, Harry Dunn, a former U.S. Capitol Police officer and current Democratic candidate for a U.S. House seat in Maryland, emphasized the seriousness of Trump’s statements. Dunn acknowledges the risks involved but stays determined to uphold principles of honesty and justice.

Despite growing concerns, the Trump campaign has yet to directly address questions about the possibility of going after committee members with arrests. Instead, a spokesperson for Trump repeated familiar accusations against Democratic figures, deflecting attention away from the issue.

Trump’s language, marked by threats of legal action against political opponents, has drawn criticism from scholars and experts. Erica Frantz, a political science professor specializing in authoritarian politics, warns against such tactics, noting their potential to undermine democratic norms and suppress dissent.

As talks about Trump’s plans heat up, the fear of retaliation weighs heavily on members of the Jan. 6 select committee. Despite rising tensions and uncertainties, these lawmakers remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding democratic values and speaking truth to power.

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