Emergency Response at Mifflin Street Block Party: Deck Failure, Downed Power Lines, and Car Flips

Emergency crews in Madison, Wisconsin, faced a series of incidents during the Mifflin Street Block Party, including medical emergencies, a deck failure, and downed power lines. The Madison Fire Department reported that EMS teams responded to 14 medical emergencies, with 11 resulting in hospital transports.

One notable incident occurred when a first-floor porch collapsed at 527 W. Mifflin Street, though fortunately, no injuries were reported. While the exact number of occupants on the porch remains unknown, all occupants on first- and second-floor decks were asked to evacuate as a precautionary measure. Although there was no risk of structural collapse, the property was cordoned off for safety.

Additionally, firefighters responded to a downed power line at 518 W. Dayton Street. Although it was initially unclear if the wire was energized with high voltage, it was later determined to be a low-voltage communications wire after examination by MG&E.

Emergency medical services were busy throughout the event, primarily responding to alcohol-related illnesses and injuries within a five-block radius of Mifflin Street. The Madison Fire Department provided two paramedic ambulances and an EMS walking team comprised of two EMTs on-site for the duration of the block party.

Madison Police also dealt with incidents, including a flipped car and damage to another vehicle. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries in these incidents.

Prior to the block party, Code Enforcement Officers conducted outreach and education in the neighborhood to promote safety. Despite the challenges, the event concluded as attendees dispersed due to incoming rain, with roads reopening shortly after.

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