Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar Joins Efforts to Remove House Speaker

In a move that underscores growing dissent within the Republican ranks, Arizona Representative Paul Gosar has become the latest GOP member to support the removal of House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Gosar’s decision adds significant momentum to the push initiated by Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to oust Johnson from his leadership position. Let’s delve deeper into this development and its implications.

Republican Division Over House Leadership

Gosar Joins Greene’s Resolution

On Friday, Representative Paul Gosar, representing Arizona, announced his decision to cosponsor a resolution led by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. This resolution aims to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from his position, citing disagreements over key policy issues, particularly regarding foreign aid.

Disagreements on Foreign Aid Package

Gosar’s support for Johnson’s removal stems from his opposition to a recent House decision to advance a $95 billion foreign aid package, which received bipartisan support, including from Democrats. Specifically, Gosar cited concerns over allocating funds to Ukraine while neglecting border security measures, a sentiment echoed by several fellow Republicans.

Growing Support for Greene’s Initiative

Gosar’s endorsement of Greene’s resolution follows similar expressions of support from other Republican lawmakers, including Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky. This collective dissent underscores deepening divisions within the GOP regarding the party’s stance on critical policy matters.

Prospects for Johnson’s Removal

Uncertainty Surrounding Vote Timing

Despite mounting pressure, it remains unclear when Representative Greene intends to force a vote on Johnson’s removal. Speculation suggests that she may be waiting to garner broader support from like-minded representatives before proceeding with the initiative.

Potential for Bipartisan Collaboration

If the matter does come to a vote, Johnson would likely need to secure support from House Democrats to retain his position. Some centrist Democrats have expressed willingness to engage in discussions with Johnson, emphasizing the importance of bipartisan cooperation in governing effectively.


The decision by Representative Paul Gosar to support the resolution aimed at removing House Speaker Mike Johnson reflects a broader trend of dissent within the Republican Party.

As tensions escalate over key policy issues, particularly regarding foreign aid and border security, the GOP finds itself grappling with internal divisions that could shape its trajectory in the coming months.

The outcome of this power struggle will not only impact House leadership but also influence the party’s future direction and ability to govern effectively.

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