This Blizzard Has Been Named the Worst Hurricane in Maine History

Maine, renowned for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere, has encountered various extreme weather events. Among them, one storm holds a significant place in Maine’s weather records as the most destructive hurricane ever to strike the state.

The Unforgettable Hurricane

This noteworthy storm is Hurricane Edna, which made landfall in Maine on September 11, 1954, just ten days after Hurricane Carol. Edna caused an estimated $25 million in damage, an astonishing figure for that era. The hurricane resulted in eight reported deaths from drowning, establishing itself as the most destructive hurricane in Maine’s history.

The Impact of Hurricane Edna

Hurricane Edna landed over Cape Cod as a Category 3 hurricane before traversing Maine and heading into eastern Canada. The hurricane’s effects were widespread across the state, causing significant damage in numerous areas. The aftermath of the storm left an enduring impact on Maine’s residents, reshaping their perception of hurricanes and their potential for destruction.

Other Noteworthy Hurricanes

While Edna claims the title of the most destructive hurricane in Maine’s history, other hurricanes have also left their mark on the state. In 1954, both Carol and Edna had significant impacts. Carol, responsible for 60 deaths and $461 million in damages in the United States, made landfall in Long Island and Connecticut as a Category 3 storm before becoming extratropical and passing through New England, including Maine.

In 1969, Hurricane Gerda landed in Eastport as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of nearly 80 mph. Despite the absence of direct landfalls by tropical systems in the state for over 50 years, other named storms have had substantial impacts on Maine.


Maine’s hurricane history serves as a stark reminder of nature’s power. Although the state may not frequently experience direct hits from hurricanes, the consequences of these storms can be extensive and devastating. By continually studying and understanding these formidable weather phenomena, we can enhance our preparedness for their impacts and ensure the safety of all residents.


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