Warning Parents About TikTok’s Risks: A New Advocacy Campaign

In a bid to raise awareness about the perils of TikTok, an advocacy group led by a former Trump administration official is rolling out a fresh ad campaign.

The American Parents Coalition is investing $500,000 in a strategic blend of television and digital advertisements. These ads will target audiences in Washington, D.C., as well as key states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Montana—each hosting a Democratic senator up for reelection. Here’s a closer look at their efforts:

Highlighting TikTok’s Risks

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 30-second ad dubbed “TikTok Nightmare.” It pulls no punches, characterizing the app’s algorithm as a source of distress for parents everywhere. Drawing on a study revealing alarming trends, the ad points out the proliferation of content related to eating disorders and self-harm, collectively amassing billions of views.

Concerns Voiced by the American Parents Coalition

Alleigh Marré, the executive director of the American Parents Coalition, minced no words in expressing the organization’s concerns. She emphasized the troubling nature of TikTok’s algorithm, condemning its promotion of harmful content.

Marré, who previously served as a national spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump administration, underscored the broader implications, stressing that a platform controlled by a foreign entity and targeting children poses not just a risk to individual safety but to national security as well.

Political Landscape and Legislative Action

The timing of this campaign is significant, coinciding with legislative moves in the House that could potentially lead to a TikTok ban in the United States. Included in a series of bills aimed at funding Ukraine, Israel, and allies in the Indo-Pacific, these measures have garnered bipartisan support.

Notably, in March, the House overwhelmingly passed a standalone bill advocating for such a ban in a 352-65 vote. President Biden has signaled his readiness to support such legislation if it crosses his desk.

Trump’s Position and Future Implications

Former President Trump, despite his initial support for banning TikTok during his tenure, has since expressed reservations about such a move.

His stance could have ramifications, especially considering his status as the presumptive GOP nominee for the upcoming election. Nevertheless, the advocacy campaign led by the American Parents Coalition aims to keep the spotlight on TikTok’s potential dangers, regardless of the political landscape.


In conclusion, the launch of this advocacy campaign underscores growing concerns about TikTok’s impact on youth and national security.

As legislative efforts progress and public awareness increases, the conversation around regulating social media platforms like TikTok is likely to intensify, with implications reaching far beyond the digital realm.

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