This Utah County is the Weed Capital of the World

Utah, known for its conservative values and strict regulations, is making a notable mark in the cannabis industry despite its traditional stance.

Summit County: Leading in Cannabis Use

According to data, Summit County stands out as the primary hub for cannabis consumption in Utah. A 2019 study by the Utah Department of Health revealed that Summit County has the highest rate of current marijuana use among adults, with an astonishing 10.5% of residents reporting recent cannabis use.

Shifting Views on Cannabis in Utah

The prominence of Summit County as Utah’s cannabis capital mirrors a broader trend of changing attitudes towards cannabis use statewide. The acceptance of medical marijuana has played a significant role in this transformation. While recreational marijuana remains illegal, the medical use of cannabis is gradually gaining approval.


Summit County’s rise as Utah’s cannabis hub signifies the evolving landscape of cannabis use in the state. With changing attitudes and evolving regulations, the future development of Utah’s cannabis industry is worth keeping an eye on.


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