USC Issues Warning to Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Urging Removal of Encampment

LOS ANGELES – USC delivered a stern message to protesters on Saturday, insisting that the remaining Pro-Palestinian encampment must be dismantled.

According to student journalists at USC Annenberg Media, the assistant director of the USC Village Residential Colleges conveyed this demand to demonstrators in a letter issued just after 5 p.m., stating unequivocally, “the encampment has to go down.”

The letter cited violations of university policies and the law, specifically referencing the encampment, acts of vandalism, and theft of university property. However, as of Saturday night, it remained unclear when law enforcement would intervene.

Meanwhile, USC President Carol Folt addressed the ongoing situation in an open letter to the “Trojan Family,” outlining measures to ensure that students could complete their finals “in a quiet, safe academic environment,” and that graduating students could enjoy peaceful commencement ceremonies.

Emphasizing the importance of upholding campus norms and regulations, Folt stated, “Free speech and assembly do not include the right to obstruct equal access to campus, damage property, or incite harassment, violence, and threats.” She warned of consequences for repeated violations of laws and policies.

Folt’s letter followed updated campus-entry procedures and heightened security measures at USC. Additionally, plans were announced for a “Trojan Family Graduate Celebration” at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to replace the canceled main stage commencement ceremony, in light of the ongoing protests over the war in Gaza.

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