US Top 7 Cities Everyone is Leaving

The United States has a history of constant movement and migration, but recent trends indicate a shift in this pattern. Some cities are witnessing a notable departure of residents, as revealed by the United Van Lines’ Annual National Movers Study. Here are the top seven cities experiencing this trend:

1. Nassau-Suffolk, NY

Leading the list is Nassau-Suffolk, situated east of New York City on Long Island, accounting for 79% of total moves.

2. Hagerstown, MD

Hagerstown, Maryland, holds the second spot on the list, with specific reasons for the outflow not specified but contributing to the broader trend.

3. Santa Cruz, CA

The third city facing high outbound migration is Santa Cruz, California. Despite its moderate climate and natural beauty, these factors seem insufficient to retain its population.

4. Bergen, NJ

Bergen, New Jersey, claims the fourth position on the list, reflecting the larger trend of people leaving the New York metropolitan area.

5. Binghamton, NY

Binghamton, New York, is the fifth city with a high rate of outbound migration, one of seven cities in the New York City area experiencing this phenomenon.

6. Newark, NJ

Newark, New Jersey, despite being the most populous city in the state, is the sixth city on the list, indicating a significant number of residents choosing to leave.

7. Joliet, IL

Joliet, Illinois, secures the seventh spot where a noteworthy number of people are moving away, with specific reasons not mentioned but contributing to the broader trend.

These cities are witnessing a substantial outflow of residents, influenced by various factors such as economic opportunities, cost of living, quality of life, and the ability to work remotely. As the prevalence of the work-from-home lifestyle continues, it will be intriguing to observe the evolution of these migration patterns in the future.


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