Us Top 10 Cities Facing a Homeless Crisis

The United States is grappling with a significant homelessness issue, particularly in its urban centers. Based on the latest data, here are the top 10 cities currently facing a homelessness crisis:

1. Los Angeles, CA

In 2022, Los Angeles had one of the country’s largest homeless populations, surpassing 65,000 individuals. The majority of these people live without shelter, residing in tents, cars, or on the streets.

2. New York City, NY

New York City also contends with a substantial homeless population, numbering over 61,000 in 2022. Unlike Los Angeles, a significant majority of the homeless in New York City have access to shelters.

3. Seattle/King County, WA

In 2022, Seattle and King County reported a homeless population exceeding 13,000, highlighting an ongoing struggle with homelessness in the region.

4. San Jose/Santa Clara City & County, CA

San Jose and Santa Clara County documented a homeless population surpassing 10,000 in 2022, with a notable portion living without shelter.

5. Oakland, Berkeley/Alameda County, CA

The combined areas of Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda County reported a homeless population exceeding 9,700 in 2022, indicating a rising trend in homelessness.

6. Sacramento City & County, CA

Sacramento City and County reported a homeless population exceeding 9,200 in 2022. The city has been actively pursuing initiatives to address the issue.

7. Phoenix, Mesa/Maricopa County, AZ

Phoenix, Mesa, and Maricopa County faced a homeless population exceeding 9,000 in 2022, encountering challenges in providing sufficient shelter and services.

8. San Diego City and County, CA

San Diego City and County reported a homeless population exceeding 8,400 in 2022. The city has implemented various strategies to tackle homelessness.

9. San Francisco, CA

In 2022, San Francisco documented a homeless population exceeding 7,700, reflecting a persistent struggle with homelessness.

10. Metropolitan Denver, CO

Metropolitan Denver reported a homeless population exceeding 6,800 in 2022. The city has been actively working to provide housing and services for the homeless.

Addressing the homelessness crisis in these cities requires comprehensive solutions. Although efforts are underway at various levels, raising awareness and advocating for policies remain crucial for bringing about lasting change.


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