University Graduations Become Sites of Pro-Palestinian Protests Amid Gaza Conflict

As university commencements take place across the United States, tensions over the conflict in Gaza have spilled onto campuses, turning graduation ceremonies into focal points for pro-Palestinian protests.

On Sunday, Northeastern University and Ohio State University held their commencements amidst heightened security concerns following recent disruptions at other universities. Pro-Palestinian students seized the opportunity to voice their opposition to Israel’s actions in Gaza and to call for divestment from companies with ties to Israel.

At the University of Michigan and Indiana University in Bloomington, graduates staged walkouts during commencement ceremonies, drawing attention to the ongoing conflict and demanding action from their institutions.

University administrators are grappling with how to address the protests while ensuring the safety and security of their campuses. Some have implemented additional security measures, while others have designated specific areas for demonstrations.

Meanwhile, at the University of Southern California (USC), police cleared a pro-Palestinian encampment from campus for the second time, citing violations of university policies and laws. The move comes amid ongoing turmoil at USC, which recently faced criticism for its decision not to allow a Muslim valedictorian to speak at graduation.

As tensions continue to simmer on campuses across the country, universities are faced with the challenge of balancing free speech rights with maintaining order and ensuring the smooth conduct of graduation ceremonies.

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