Unearth Michigan’s Creepy Side: Spine-Chilling Activities to Try

Michigan boasts a rich and diverse history, culture, and natural beauty, but alongside its allure lies a dark and mysterious side that can both thrill and terrify daring explorers. For those seeking spine-chilling activities in Michigan, consider the following suggestions:

Explore Haunted Lighthouses

With over 100 lighthouses, Michigan is rumored to have some haunted by spirits of former keepers, sailors, and shipwreck victims. Notably, the Big Bay Point Lighthouse in Marquette County is famous for the ghost of a murdered keeper wandering the grounds and making nocturnal noises. Another eerie location is the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse in Presque Isle County, where the ghost of a former keeper named George reportedly turns on the light each night, even though it ceased operation in 1979.

Roam Abandoned Detroit Buildings

Detroit, a city marked by glory and decline, boasts numerous abandoned buildings offering glimpses into the past and a sense of decay. Iconic and eerie structures include the Michigan Central Station, once the world’s tallest train station, the Packard Automotive Plant, a sprawling complex formerly the world’s largest car factory, and the Fisher Body Plant 21, now adorned with graffiti and urban art.

Face the Halloween Season at Erebus

For a truly terrifying experience, visit Erebus, a four-story haunted house in Pontiac—one of the largest and scariest globally. Designed to exploit fears and phobias, Erebus features realistic animatronics, special effects, and live actors that promise screams and jumps. Open from late September to early November, it’s not recommended for the faint of heart.

Embark on a Ghost Tour of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, known for scenic views, historic buildings, and fudge shops, also harbors a reputation for being haunted. Take a ghost tour to unravel legends and stories of paranormal activity, visiting haunted places like the Mission Point Resort, the Fort Mackinac Cemetery, and the Grand Hotel.

Uncover the Mystery of the Paulding Light

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, near Paulding, lies the mysterious phenomenon known as the Paulding Light. This bright light, appearing in the night sky, sometimes changes colors and moves erratically. Its origin remains unknown, sparking theories ranging from natural causes to the supernatural—ghosts, portals, or even UFOs. Regardless, the Paulding Light presents a fascinating and spooky spectacle.


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