Two Strange Haunted Roads in New Hampshire Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

New Hampshire, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich history, harbors intriguing mysteries, including two peculiar roads that challenge the laws of gravity.

These roads, commonly known as “gravity hills,” are believed to be haunted, adding an extra layer of fascination to their already puzzling nature.

The Phenomenon of Gravity-Defying Roads

A “gravity hill” is a location where the landscape’s layout creates an optical illusion, making a subtle downhill slope appear as if it’s an uphill slope. Consequently, a car left out of gear will seem to roll uphill against gravity. New Hampshire boasts two such locations among the hundreds of recognized gravity hills worldwide.

New Hampshire’s Haunted Roads

1. Mystery Hill, North Salem

The first of these roads is situated in North Salem, named “Mystery Hill,” a source of intrigue for both locals and tourists. Although the road seems to ascend, stopping your car and putting it in neutral reveals a surprising uphill roll.

Legend has it that the road is haunted by the spirit of a Native American chief, with some visitors claiming to witness the chief’s apparition at night, adding a chilling dimension to the gravity-defying phenomenon.

2. Ghost Road, New Castle

The second road, known as “Ghost Road,” is located in New Castle and similarly challenges gravity. However, the associated haunting tale is even more spine-chilling. It is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman in search of her lost child, with some reporting hearing the sounds of a woman weeping on quiet nights.

Science or Supernatural?

While the scientific explanation attributes these gravity hills to a simple optical illusion, the eerie legends and ghost stories surrounding them make these roads a must-visit for thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts.

Whether you are intrigued by the defiance of gravity or captivated by a compelling ghost story, these haunted roads in New Hampshire promise a unique adventure that will undoubtedly leave you mystified.


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