Trump Family Members Represent Florida at Republican National Convention

Barron Trump, the former first son, gained attention when it was reported that he was invited to be a delegate at the Republican National Convention. However, he ultimately decided not to accept the role.

Additionally, five other members of the Trump family have been chosen to represent Florida at the convention and will be casting votes for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, executive vice presidents of the Trump Organisation, have been chosen as statewide “at-large” delegates by the Republican Party of Florida.

In addition, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump Jr.’s fiancée, and Tiffany Trump, the former president’s daughter, were selected as members of the Florida delegation. Tiffany’s husband, Michael Boulos, was also chosen as a delegate.

Barron Trump and Tiffany Trump have frequently chosen to stay out of the public eye, especially during their father’s legal battles in various jurisdictions.

A number of Trump family members have made the move from New York City to Florida in recent years, with Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach being regarded as the primary residence of the former president. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. reside in Jupiter, Florida, which is located to the north of Mar-a-Lago.

Despite the obstacles faced in New York, the former president continues to actively participate in Republican politics, gathering a significant number of delegates that surpass the required amount to be considered the presumptive nominee.

Eric Trump has been appointed as the chairman of the Sunshine State delegation, while Guilfoyle will serve as one of two commissioners on its platform committee. The Republican Party of Florida exudes confidence in the leadership and preparedness of its delegation for the convention, highlighting their unwavering dedication to achieving success in November.

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