Top 10 Most Violent Small Towns in America

In the vast landscape of America, ranging from lively cities to tranquil small towns, not all small communities enjoy the peace one might expect. The following list presents the top 10 most violent small towns in the country, drawn from recent studies and analyses.

Sauk Village, Illinois

\According to SafeWise, Sauk Village tops the list as the most violent small town in the U.S¹. With approximately 55 violent crimes reported per 1,000 residents, the chances of being a victim of violence are 1 in 18.

Emeryville, California

Emeryville reported around 212 property crimes per 1,000 incidents, and there’s an estimated 1 in 5 chance of falling victim to property crime.

Glendale, Colorado

Another small town experiencing an increase in crime is Glendale.

Florida City, Florida

Florida City also ranks among the most violent small towns in America.

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City faces a notable rate of property crimes.

Fife, Washington

Fife is recognized as one of the most dangerous small cities in America.

Lumberton, North Carolina

Lumberton boasts a high crime rate, earning its place among the most dangerous small towns.

Alexandria, Louisiana

Alexandria, another small city, stands out with its high crime rate.

Globe, Arizona

Known for its elevated crime rate, Globe secures a spot on this list.

Gadsden, Alabama

Gadsden, as another small city, is considered dangerous due to its high crime rate.

These rankings derive from the most recent violent and property crime data provided by the FBI. Small towns in this context have populations exceeding 5,000 but less than 15,000. It’s crucial to acknowledge that crime rates can vary, and these figures may not accurately represent the current situation. Always consult the latest local data when contemplating relocation or travel.


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