Top 10 Metro Areas Everyone is LEAVING

The migration landscape has undergone significant changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a notable shift from metropolitan areas to smaller towns and cities. According to a study conducted by United Van Lines, here are the top 10 metro areas witnessing substantial population departures:

Nassau-Suffolk, NY:

Situated on Long Island east of New York City, this area has recorded the highest percentage of departures, with 79% of total moves being outbound.

Hagerstown, MD:

A city in Maryland that has experienced a considerable number of residents relocating.

Santa Cruz, CA:

Despite its moderate climate and natural beauty, Santa Cruz has observed a notable increase in departures.

Bergen, NJ:

A part of the New York metropolitan area, Bergen has also seen a high rate of outbound moves.

Binghamton, NY:

This upstate New York city is another location witnessing a notable exodus.

Newark, NJ:

As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark has witnessed a significant number of residents moving out.

Joliet, IL:

Positioned southwest of Chicago, Joliet is another city experiencing a high rate of departures.

Poughkeepsie, NY:

This city in New York’s Hudson Valley region is also included in the list of top metro areas witnessing population decline.

Monmouth, NJ:

With 68% of moves being outbound, Monmouth County is another area in New Jersey experiencing a notable departure trend.

Springfield, IL:

Serving as the capital of Illinois, Springfield has seen 72% of moves being outbound.

It’s essential to recognize that these trends reflect the influence of COVID-19 on domestic migration patterns. The increased ability to work from home has granted individuals the flexibility to relocate to smaller or mid-sized towns and cities. However, these trends may evolve as the situation progresses.


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