This Virginia Hotel is Considered One of the Most Haunted Places in the Country

Virginia is a state rich in history, charm, and natural beauty. Additionally, it holds an air of mystery, legends, and paranormal occurrences. Within the state’s haunted hotels, guests often find more than just a comfortable place to stay. Among these intriguing establishments is the renowned Wayside Inn.

The Wayside Inn: A Historical Gem

Situated in Middletown, a quaint town in Shenandoah County, the Wayside Inn has welcomed guests since 1797, making it one of Virginia’s oldest inns and a continuously operating establishment in the U.S. Its colonial architecture, cozy accommodations, and exquisite dining make it a popular choice for weddings, events, and tours.

Haunted History of the Wayside Inn

The Wayside Inn’s distinction as one of the most haunted places in the country stems from its turbulent history, marked by wars, fires, deaths, and tragedies. During the Civil War, it served as a hospital, witnessing the demise of many soldiers. Two significant fires in 1898 and 1995 claimed lives and damaged parts of the building. Suicides, murders, and accidents have further contributed to the haunting atmosphere.

Paranormal Encounters at the Inn

Reports of paranormal activity abound, experienced by guests, staff, and investigators. Unexplained phenomena range from mysterious noises, voices, and footsteps to cold spots, temperature changes, and electrical malfunctions. Ghostly figures, shadows, orbs, and moving objects add to the eerie ambiance. Notable apparitions include a woman in a white dress, a soldier in a blue uniform, and even a ghostly cat.

Wayside Inn’s Recognition and Reputation

Media attention, public interest, and professional investigations have propelled the Wayside Inn to fame. Featured on TV shows like Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and “Most Terrifying Places in America,” as well as in various books and magazines, the inn has become a sought-after destination for ghost tours and paranormal enthusiasts.

Benefits and Risks of Staying at the Wayside Inn

Choosing to stay at the Wayside Inn comes with both advantages and potential drawbacks:


  • Historical and cultural enrichment, offering insights into the past and the town’s heritage.
  • Recreational enjoyment, with opportunities to explore the paranormal side of the inn and its surroundings.


  • The potential to disturb spirits and disrespect history, leading to negative encounters.
  • Recreational and adventurous risks, including potential fear or discomfort from paranormal experiences.


The Wayside Inn is not merely a hotel; it is a captivating blend of history, charm, and paranormal intrigue. Its reputation as one of the most haunted places in the country adds a unique dimension to the overall experience. While the inn offers benefits in terms of historical and cultural exploration, guests should be aware of the potential risks associated with encountering the paranormal. A visit to the Wayside Inn promises not just hospitality but also a journey into the mysterious.

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