This New Jersey City Was Ranked The Drunkest In America

New Jersey stands out for its myriad attractions, diversity, and prosperity. However, it also contends with significant alcohol consumption, particularly in one of its coastal cities. According to a recent report by 24/7 Wall St., Ocean City surpasses all others in the state when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Ocean City Overview

Situated in Cape May County, Ocean City rests on the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 60 miles south of Atlantic City. Boasting a population of around 11,701 residents, it holds the 127th spot in New Jersey’s city hierarchy. Ocean City is renowned for its family-friendly ambiance, the allure of its boardwalk, and its inviting beaches. Drawing in numerous tourists, especially during the summer months, it has solidified its status as a popular destination.

Factors Behind Ocean City’s Alcohol Consumption

Ocean City’s reputation for being the top consumer of alcohol in the state is attributed to several factors:

  1. High Demand and Availability: The city accommodates a diverse population of drinkers, from locals to visitors. Its network of bars, restaurants, and liquor stores ensures a readily available supply of alcohol.
  2. Affordability and Quality: With an average cost of $5.50 per drink, Ocean City stands out as one of the most economical cities in the U.S. to purchase alcohol. It offers a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, and spirits.
  3. Relaxed Attitude: Ocean City has a history of legalizing and celebrating alcohol. Its culture fosters socializing and revelry centered around alcohol consumption.
  4. Social and Environmental Factors: Factors like weather, season, and stress levels influence the city’s drinking habits. With a warm and sunny climate, a seasonal peak in the summer, and a challenging environment marked by a high cost of living, low median income, and elevated poverty rates, Ocean City becomes a conducive setting for increased alcohol consumption.

Benefits and Risks of Drinking in Ocean City


  • Physical and Mental Health:
    • Reduces anxiety, enhances mood, and relaxes muscles.
    • Prevents certain diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Legal and Social:
    • Generates tax revenue, creates jobs, and boosts tourism.
    • Promotes friendship, fun, and cultural experiences.


  • Physical and Mental Health:
    • Impairs judgment, coordination, and memory.
    • Increases the risk of addiction, liver disease, and cancer.
  • Legal and Social:
    • Raises concerns about traffic accidents, underage drinking, and public disorder.
    • Conflicts with health, safety, and moral standards.


Ocean City emerges as the state’s most alcohol-prone city due to a complex interplay of demand, supply, culture, and context. Balancing the positive and negative effects of alcohol consumption is crucial for the well-being of individuals, the community, and society at large in both Ocean City and New Jersey.

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