This New Hampshire City Has the 3rd Highest Weed Consumption Rate in America

Known for its rich industrial history and vibrant arts scene, Manchester, New Hampshire, has recently earned a new distinction by securing the third position in the list of American cities with the highest per capita weed consumption.

A Startling Statistic

This revelation is particularly surprising given that New Hampshire remains the only state in New England that has not legalized marijuana for recreational use. Nevertheless, Manchester’s cannabis consumption rates surpass those of states where recreational use is permitted.

The Cannabis Scene in America

The cannabis industry in America has experienced significant growth, especially during the pandemic. Recreational and medical marijuana shops have successfully opened across various states. However, the landscape is not consistent nationwide, with some states embracing the industry while others, like New Hampshire, show resistance to change.

Leading Cities in Weed Consumption

The city with the highest per capita weed consumption in America is New Britain, Connecticut. In 2021, Connecticut passed legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, leading to a rapid surge in sales and consumption.

The Future of Cannabis in New Hampshire

The elevated consumption rates in Manchester, despite the current state laws, prompt questions about the future of cannabis in New Hampshire. Will the state align with the trends of its New England neighbors and legalize marijuana for recreational use, or will it persist in resisting this change? Only time will provide the answer.


The high weed consumption rate in Manchester, New Hampshire, underscores the intricate and evolving relationship between American cities and the cannabis industry. As the debate surrounding marijuana legalization persists, cities like Manchester will play a pivotal role in shaping this ongoing discussion.


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