This City in New Mexico Breaks the Record for the Highest Rate of Weed Consumption!

New Mexico, an early adopter of recreational cannabis legalization in the United States, has become a favored location for marijuana enthusiasts. Out of its cities, Albuquerque, the largest in the state, has set a new record for the highest rate of cannabis consumption.

Cannabis Consumption in Albuquerque

In 2023, Albuquerque represented nearly 36% of all adult-use cannabis sales in New Mexico. The average resident of Albuquerque consumes more than 14 grams of cannabis per month, which is more than twice the national average of 6.8 grams per month. Several factors contribute to this elevated consumption, including the city’s substantial population, diverse community, and its proximity to Texas, where recreational cannabis is not yet legalized.

Factors Influencing High Cannabis Consumption

With a population exceeding 560,000, Albuquerque stands as the most populous city in New Mexico. Its diversity, marked by a significant Hispanic population and a growing number of young professionals, along with its popularity as a tourist destination due to its scenic beauty, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene, collectively contribute to the high cannabis consumption in Albuquerque.

Impact of Cannabis Consumption on Albuquerque

The legalization of recreational cannabis has brought positive changes to Albuquerque. Cannabis sales have generated substantial tax revenue, funding various programs and services in the city.

Furthermore, cannabis has created numerous job opportunities in Albuquerque, contributing to the city’s economic growth. Additionally, the legalization has played a role in reducing crime, with a 2023 study by the Albuquerque Police Department indicating a decrease of over 50% in cannabis-related arrests since the legalization of recreational cannabis.


Albuquerque’s record-breaking cannabis consumption reflects its diverse population, its appeal as a tourist destination, and its proximity to states where cannabis is still illegal. The overall impact of this heightened consumption has been largely positive, contributing to the city’s economic development and a reduction in crime rates.


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