This City in Nevada Is Smoking More Weed Than Anywhere Else in the State

Nevada is among the eight states in the US that have sanctioned the recreational use of marijuana for adults aged 21 and older. Nevertheless, the level of cannabis consumption varies across cities within the state. According to a report from Verilife, a cannabis dispensary chain, Las Vegas stands out as the city in Nevada with the highest marijuana consumption.

Las Vegas: The Epicenter of Cannabis Use

Las Vegas is renowned for its casinos, nightlife, entertainment, and tourism, earning it the nickname “Sin City” due to its permissive stance on various forms of adult entertainment. What might surprise you is that Las Vegas also leads in cannabis consumption among Nevada cities.

According to Verilife, residents of Las Vegas consume an average of 36.5 grams of weed per person per year, surpassing the national average of 11.2 grams by more than triple. Las Vegas holds the fourth position in the US for cannabis consumption, trailing behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Verilife’s report relied on data from the US Census Bureau, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the Marijuana Policy Project. It considered factors such as the legal status, price, and availability of marijuana in 93 US cities.

Why is Marijuana So Popular in Las Vegas?

Several factors contribute to the high marijuana consumption in Las Vegas. One factor is the substantial demand from tourists who visit the city for its attractions and entertainment. In 2019, Las Vegas welcomed 42.5 million visitors, many of whom likely explored the legal cannabis market.

Another factor is the comparatively low price and high quality of marijuana in Las Vegas. Verilife’s report notes that the average price of weed in the city is $10.32 per gram, lower than the national average of $10.75. Additionally, Nevada’s stringent testing and labeling regulations ensure the safety and potency of cannabis products.

A third factor is the cultural and social acceptance of marijuana in Las Vegas. The city is known for its liberal and progressive attitude, particularly in adult entertainment and gambling. Marijuana is viewed as a recreational activity, rather than a taboo or vice, reflecting the city’s diverse and accepting population.

Challenges and Opportunities for Marijuana in Las Vegas

Despite the widespread consumption and popularity of marijuana in Las Vegas, challenges and opportunities persist for the cannabis industry and consumers in the city. One significant challenge is the limited availability of public spaces where individuals can legally smoke marijuana. Nevada law dictates that marijuana consumption is restricted to private residences, excluding hotels, casinos, bars, and other public venues. This limitation poses challenges for both tourists and locals who have few legal options for enjoying marijuana and may face fines or penalties if they do so in public.

An opportunity for marijuana in Las Vegas lies in the potential for cannabis tourism and entertainment. The city’s thriving tourism industry could further prosper by incorporating cannabis, leading to increased visitors and revenue. Some entrepreneurs and activists propose establishing cannabis lounges, resorts, festivals, and events, allowing people to legally consume and enjoy marijuana in a social and enjoyable setting. However, implementing such proposals requires changes to state and local laws and support from the community and authorities.

Another opportunity for marijuana in Las Vegas involves expanding the medical and wellness benefits of cannabis. Nevada has a medical marijuana program that permits patients with qualifying conditions to access cannabis products with a doctor’s recommendation. Expanding awareness, education, and access to cannabis as a natural and alternative medicine could benefit more individuals dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other health issues. The city could emphasize the positive impact of marijuana on health and well-being.


Las Vegas emerges as the leading city in Nevada for marijuana consumption and ranks among the highest in the US. The city’s appeal for tourists, coupled with affordable and high-quality marijuana and its cultural acceptance, contributes to this distinction. However, challenges and opportunities persist, such as the lack of public consumption spaces, potential for cannabis tourism, and the chance to broaden the medical and wellness applications of marijuana. Las Vegas, with its embracing attitude toward marijuana, is poised to continue shaping its identity and lifestyle around this cultural phenomenon.


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