This City Has Been Named The Poorest In Virginia

Virginia, recognized for its rich history and diverse landscapes, is home to numerous cities and towns. Nevertheless, like any state, there are areas facing economic difficulties. This article specifically explores Richlands, which has been designated as the poorest city in Virginia for the year 2023.

Overview of Richlands

Richlands, boasting a population of around 5,300, unfortunately holds the lowest economic status in Virginia. This is attributed to a combination of low wages and a scarcity of job opportunities. The median household income in Richlands is the least in Virginia, standing at $31,169. Additionally, the poverty rate is 27.8%, ranking it as the third highest in the state.

Economic Challenges

Residents of Richlands confront substantial economic challenges. A higher-than-average proportion of the population is either living in poverty, unemployed, or earning less than they ideally should. Even as the economy makes progress, it is essential to examine areas within each state that are grappling with financial hardships.


Although Richlands currently holds the title of the poorest city in Virginia, it’s crucial to emphasize that this assessment is not a reflection on the residents, their vibrant culture, or the traditions of the area. Instead, it provides a factual overview. With the evolving economy, there is optimism that cities like Richlands will discover ways to surmount economic challenges and prosper.


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