This City Has Been Named the Murder Capital of San Bernardino

San Bernardino, situated in California, has earned the designation of being the state’s murder capital for the year 2023. This designation stems from the city’s notably elevated murder rate, significantly surpassing the national average.

The Figures

Based on FBI crime data, San Bernardino boasts the highest murder rate in California, registering 31.4 murders per 100,000 people. In contrast, the national homicide rate stands at 6.5 murders per 100,000 people. In 2020, the city reported a total of 68 murders.

The Context

San Bernardino’s heightened murder rate aligns with a broader trend of escalating violence in the United States. The national murder rate has reached its highest point in nearly two and a half decades, with 21,570 murders recorded in 2020—an almost 30% surge from the previous year, marking the largest annual increase on record.

The Impact

The elevated murder rate in San Bernardino corresponds to an overall surge in violent crime. In 2020, the city reported 1,402 violent crimes per 100,000 people, compared to the nationwide rate of 399 incidents per 100,000.


While the title “Murder Capital” is disconcerting, it’s crucial to bear in mind that these statistics represent a fraction of the overall population. The majority of San Bernardino residents, like people elsewhere, are unlikely to become victims of violent crime. Nevertheless, addressing the high murder rate is imperative to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.


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