This City Has Been Named the Murder Capital of Delaware

Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware, has unfortunately earned the unwelcome title of the state’s “Murder Capital.” While this is not a designation any city seeks, it starkly reflects the grim reality of the crime situation in Wilmington.

Crime Statistics

Wilmington consistently holds the third position on the FBI’s annual list of most violent cities among those of similar size. When considering all cities with populations exceeding 50,000, Wilmington ranks fifth. The Hilltop neighborhood is just one of several hotspots contributing to the city’s high violent crime rates.

In a single year, Wilmington experienced 27 homicides, matching its previous record set in 2010. The city saw a total of 135 shooting incidents, resulting in 22 fatalities. With a population slightly over 71,000, Wilmington’s violent crime rate stands at 1,625 per 100,000 people, a significant contrast to the national average of 368 per 100,000 people.

City Response

Despite these daunting statistics, the city is taking steps to tackle the issue. A pivotal measure involves the establishment of Wilmington’s first homicide unit, dedicated to investigating and solving murder cases, a crucial aspect of combating violent crime.

However, the city’s efforts have faced criticism. Some residents and officials argue that addressing the root causes of crime, including poverty, racism, limited economic opportunities, substance abuse, high dropout rates, teenage pregnancy, and family stress, should be the primary focus.


The label “Murder Capital” is a stark acknowledgment of Wilmington’s challenges. Yet, it should serve as a rallying cry for action. City officials, residents, and community organizations must collaborate to address the underlying causes of crime, fostering a safer environment for everyone. Though the journey may be arduous, with determined and collective effort, positive change is achievable.


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