This Amish Buffet Has Some of the Best Fried Chicken in All of Tennessee

Are you in search of a wholesome and delectable meal that caters to both your appetite and palate? Look no further than The Farmer’s Daughter, renowned as the finest Amish buffet in Tennessee. Situated in the quaint town of Chuckey in Greene County, this family-owned and operated restaurant boasts an inviting rustic ambiance while delivering authentic Amish cuisine. Below, discover the enticing offerings that await you at this exceptional buffet.

The Origins: A Legacy of Culinary Excellence and Hospitality

In 2009, the Yoder family, hailing from Ohio, established The Farmer’s Daughter after relocating to Tennessee in 2006. Rooted in the Amish community, known for its devout Christian values and traditional lifestyle, the Yoders sought to share their rich culture and culinary delights with their neighbors. The restaurant, named after their daughter Rachel, is managed by her, the primary cook.

Rachel inherited her cooking prowess from her mother, who passed down the recipes and techniques of Amish culinary traditions. Emphasizing freshness, Rachel sources local ingredients, some from their farm or neighboring Amish farms, and eschews preservatives and artificial flavors. The menu evolves daily based on seasonal ingredients availability.

The Operation: A Buffet with a Unique Twist

Diverging from conventional buffets, The Farmer’s Daughter offers a family-style dining experience. Guests gather around large tables, either with their companions or in shared seating, as the hearty dishes are served in generous bowls and platters directly to their tables. The meal unfolds in courses, starting with salads and progressing to main courses, sides, and concluding with a delectable dessert. Priced at $14.99 per person, the package includes beverages and bread.

The buffet menu spans a diverse array of Amish delights, ranging from fried chicken, roast beef, and ham to meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, pot roast, pork chops, and turkey. Sides include mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and noodles. The dessert selection features pies, cakes, cobblers, puddings, and ice cream, while the bread assortment includes rolls, biscuits, cornbread, and cinnamon rolls. Refreshments encompass coffee, tea, lemonade, and water, with vegetarian and gluten-free options available, including vegetable soup, salads, and fruit.

The Atmosphere: Warmth and Hospitality

Beyond a satisfying meal, The Farmer’s Daughter offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Nestled in a charming log cabin surrounded by picturesque farmland and gardens, the interior is adorned with Amish quilts, paintings, and crafts, exuding a homely ambiance. The staff, friendly and attentive, ensures guests feel like part of the family. The restaurant also houses a gift shop where patrons can purchase Amish products, such as jams, jellies, honey, candles, and soap.

Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., reservations are advisable due to its popularity. Contact them at (423) 257-4650 or visit The Farmer’s Daughter website for more details.

In Conclusion

The Farmer’s Daughter stands out as the premier Amish buffet in Tennessee and ranks among the state’s top restaurants. With its authentic Amish cuisine, family-style service, and cozy rustic setting, it promises a hearty and satisfying dining experience. Beyond the meal, it offers a rare glimpse into a culture and hospitality that are both extraordinary and cherished. A visit to The Farmer’s Daughter is not just a meal; it’s an experience worth savoring, ensuring you’ll be drawn back time and again.

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