This Amish Buffet Has Some of the Best Fried Chicken in All of Kentucky

If you’re seeking a spot to savor delectable and authentic Amish dishes, consider checking out Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, Kentucky.

Renowned for its delightful ambiance, welcoming service, and mouthwatering cuisine, this all-you-can-eat buffet provides a homely experience. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re in for a treat with country classics, including some of the finest fried chicken in Kentucky.

What characterizes Amish cuisine?

Amish cuisine, a form of American regional cooking, mirrors the traditions of the Amish people, residing primarily in rural U.S. areas.

Known for their simple lifestyle, the Amish influence their cooking, resulting in hearty and wholesome dishes crafted from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. Staples include meat, potatoes, bread, cheese, eggs, and vegetables. Additionally, Amish cuisine showcases various pies, cakes, and cookies baked with butter, sugar, and fruit.

What fuels the popularity of Bread of Life Cafe?

Established in 1995, Bread of Life Cafe is a 150-seat destination restaurant deeply rooted in the Amish community. Nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s thriving Amish enclave, patrons can relish scenic countryside views and immerse themselves in the unique Amish culture.

As a non-profit organization supporting local and global missions, dining here contributes to a worthy cause. However, the main draw remains the exceptional food. The buffet offers a diverse selection of dishes that vary daily, depending on the season and ingredient availability.

Favorites encompass roast beef, baked chicken, chicken noodle soup, baked apples, green beans, goulash, mashed potatoes, fried catfish, cornbread, and rolls. Save room for dessert, as the freshly baked pies, cakes, and cookies are irresistible.

What sets their fried chicken apart?

A standout at Bread of Life Cafe is their Amish fried chicken. Crafted from fresh, tender chicken raised by Amish farmers, it’s seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, then fried to perfection in a large cast-iron skillet.

The result? A crispy, juicy fried chicken bursting with flavor and texture. Many patrons attest to it being the best they’ve ever tasted, with some making lengthy drives just for a bite.

Planning a visit to Bread of Life Cafe

For more information or updates on specials and events, visit their website or follow them on Facebook. Open from Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Bread of Life Cafe offers reasonably priced buffets ranging from $8.99 to $12.99, depending on the time and day. Alternatively, you can order from the menu or take food home.

Bread of Life Cafe invites you to relish some of the finest Amish cuisine in Kentucky, particularly their renowned fried chicken. It’s a place to experience the warmth of Amish hospitality, support a noble cause, and feel like part of a family. Leaving with a satisfied stomach and a joyful heart, a visit to Bread of Life Cafe promises a memorable and gratifying dining experience you won’t regret.


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