This Abandoned Town in Montana Will Give You the Creeps

Montana, a state renowned for its natural beauty and history, hides a mysterious side amidst its picturesque landscapes. Abandoned towns, left to decay among the vast scenery and mountains, serve as eerie reminders of the past. In this article, we’ll delve into one of Montana’s most haunted ghost towns: Garnet.

What is Garnet?

Garnet, situated in Granite County, Montana, was once a thriving mining community in the late 1800s. Founded in 1895 as a company town for the Granite Mountain Mining Company, it boasted a peak population of around 1,000 residents. Known as “Montana’s Silver Queen” due to abundant silver ore, Garnet had various amenities such as saloons, hotels, stores, a school, a post office, and even a jail. However, its prosperity was short-lived. The silver market crash of 1893 led to an exodus of miners seeking work elsewhere. A devastating fire in 1912 destroyed most buildings, and by the 1930s, Garnet was almost entirely deserted. The last resident, Frank Davey, passed away in 1947, leaving Garnet as a ghost town.

Why is Garnet eerie?

Garnet, designated a state park for educational and preservation purposes, stands as one of Montana’s best-preserved ghost towns. Visitors can explore remaining structures like the Wells Hotel, Kelly Saloon, Davey Store, and the J.R. Wells House. Despite its historical significance, many visitors report an uneasy feeling, as if being watched by unseen eyes. Some claim to have seen or heard ghostly apparitions, including a woman in a white dress, a man in a black suit, and children playing in the streets. Notable haunted spots include the Wells Hotel, where guests report footsteps, voices, and knocking on doors, and the Kelly Saloon, where a piano has been heard playing by itself. Cold spots, electrical malfunctions, and strange smells add to the eerie atmosphere.

How can you visit Garnet?

Brave souls can reach Garnet by driving 11 miles down a dirt road from Highway 200, approximately 20 miles from Missoula. Open year-round, the town may close the road in winter due to snow. A visitor center offers historical insights and maps, and visitors can opt for guided or self-guided audio tours. Admission is $3 per person, and the park operates from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Accommodations are available, with two cabins for rent and camping at the Garnet Ghost Town Campground. Be prepared for spooky encounters, especially at night when Garnet is said to be more active.

Garnet provides a captivating journey into Montana’s past and present, appealing to history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those intrigued by the paranormal. Just ensure you’re not easily frightened, as Garnet is reputedly teeming with ghosts.


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