This Abandoned Town in Colorado Will Give You the Creeps

Colorado, a state renowned for its natural splendor and historical significance, harbors not only beauty and history but also an air of mystery. Amid its myriad attractions, certain places exude an enigmatic atmosphere that can send shivers down your spine.

One such eerie locale is the forsaken town of Ashcroft, situated near Aspen. Once a thriving mining community, Ashcroft now stands frozen in time as a ghost town, with desolate streets and abandoned structures serving as silent witnesses to its vibrant past. What unfolds the chilling tale of Ashcroft, and what lends it an unsettling aura?

The Rise and Fall of Ashcroft

The narrative of Ashcroft unfolds in 1880, when two prospectors, driven by dreams of prosperity, unearthed silver in the region. This discovery triggered a fervor, leading to the establishment of a Miner’s Protective Association. In a mere five years, Ashcroft metamorphosed from wilderness to a bustling town, boasting 20 saloons and a population exceeding 3,500—a remarkable growth within a short span.

Yet, the affluence of Ashcroft proved ephemeral. The magnetic pull of silver had drawn masses, but as swiftly as it had risen, the town faced a precipitous decline. By 1885, silver veins depleted, and neighboring mining ventures lured away inhabitants, reducing the population to a mere 100 residents. This marked the inception of Ashcroft’s descent. By the turn of the century, the town assumed a different identity. According to the Aspen Historical Society, it became a refuge for a small group of aging, single men leading simple lives—a serene, albeit isolated, existence far removed from the town’s vibrant past.

In the 1930s, a resurgence of interest emerged as plans for a ski resort gained traction, influenced by the Winter Olympics spotlight on winter sports. However, World War II halted these plans, and Ashcroft languished in obscurity.

Ashcroft Today: A Preserved Ghost Town

Presently, Ashcroft stands as a ghost town, its still streets and vacant structures creating a stark contrast to its lively yesteryears. Transferred to the US Forest Service and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the town has undergone preservation efforts. These initiatives allow visitors to step back in time and engage with a fragment of American history.

A visit to the Ashcroft Ghost Town promises a unique and eerie experience. Nestled amidst Colorado’s natural beauty, the town’s log cabins and picturesque surroundings beckon history enthusiasts and nature aficionados. However, an air of melancholy and solitude pervades the town, as if the ghosts of its past linger in the air. Some may deem it the eeriest abandoned town in Colorado.


Ashcroft, a hidden gem near Aspen, unveils the history and mystery of Colorado. It captivates and unsettles, inspires and haunts, offering an experience that can send chills down your spine while fostering an appreciation for the enduring beauty of nature and humanity.

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