These Doughnuts Have Been Named the Best in New York

New York City is a haven for food enthusiasts, and among the cherished delights in the Big Apple, none are more beloved than doughnuts. Whether your preference leans towards glazed, filled, or adorned with sprinkles, the city boasts a diverse array of doughnut shops catering to every palate and occasion.

With an abundance of options, selecting the finest can be challenging. To aid your quest, we’ve curated a list of the top 16 doughnut spots in NYC, drawing on ratings, reviews, and recommendations from various sources. Below are the doughnuts celebrated as the best in New York.

Fan-Fan Doughnuts

Situated in Bedford-Stuyvesant and conceived by Fany Gerson, the creator of the renowned Dough, Fan-Fan Doughnuts presents an assortment of inventive, high-quality treats. Inspired by diverse cuisines, flavors like mango lassi, flan, and pistachio cardamom adorn these delectable doughnuts. The airy, not overly sweet delights sell out quickly, so an early visit is recommended.

Doughnut Plant

A pioneer in NYC’s gourmet doughnut scene, Doughnut Plant, with multiple city locations, continues to impress with handcrafted, fresh, and inventive doughnuts. Classic flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate coexist with unique creations such as creme brulee and peanut butter and jelly. Catering to diverse preferences, they offer vegan and gluten-free options, showcasing signature square doughnuts filled with each bite.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

A Brooklyn mainstay since 1961, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop has been serving classic, old-fashioned doughnuts at budget-friendly prices. The cozy spot in Brooklyn offers an extensive range, including red velvet, blueberry, and sour cream flavors. Noteworthy is their honey-dipped doughnut, featuring a crispy exterior and a tender interior.


Originally a Brooklyn-based establishment, Dough has expanded to various locations, including the Time Out Market in DUMBO. Renowned for oversized, small-batch doughnuts, Dough uses natural ingredients and explores exotic flavors like hibiscus, dulce de leche, and chocolate cocoa nib. These light, fluffy, and flavorful doughnuts pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Super Nice Coffee and Bakery

Nestled in East Harlem, Super Nice Coffee and Bakery is a hidden gem offering Asian-inspired flavors in its doughnuts. Made with brioche dough, these doughnuts are soft, buttery, and glazed with ingredients like matcha, black sesame, and loganberry. Not overly large or sweet, they make for a delightful snack or dessert.

Cloudy Donut Co.

In Brooklyn Heights, Cloudy Donut Co. stands out as a vegan doughnut shop featuring fluffy, airy, and delicious treats. Boasting 40 rotating flavors weekly, including grapefruit mimosa, mango chili, and cinnamon roll, these beautifully decorated doughnuts sometimes come with pipettes for extra syrups. Given its popularity, early arrivals are recommended.


An online bakery specializing in Filipino-inspired doughnuts, Kora crafts decadent treats filled with custards, jams, or creams. Featuring flavors like ube, pandan, and calamansi, these indulgent doughnuts can be ordered online for pickup in Long Island City on Saturdays. Though a bit pricey, they are considered worth the investment.

Leske’s Bakery

Operating since 1961 in Bay Ridge, Leske’s Bakery is a Scandinavian gem offering a variety of baked goods, including classic and simple doughnuts in flavors like plain, jelly, and Boston cream. With a loyal fan base, these fresh, moist, and satisfying doughnuts complement an array of other delectable treats.

The Doughnut Project

Located in the West Village, The Doughnut Project is renowned for its inventive and adventurous flavors such as beet and ricotta, bacon and maple, and olive oil and black pepper. Made with yeast dough for a light and airy texture, these generously sized doughnuts exhibit a vibrant personality, standing out with their creativity.

Du’s Donuts and Coffee

In Williamsburg, Du’s Donuts and Coffee, helmed by chef Wylie Dufresne, showcases doughnuts made with cake dough, resulting in a dense and moist texture. Glazed with flavors inspired by desserts, cocktails, and fruits, these colorful and cute doughnuts feature a smooth and shiny finish.

Donut World

Located in Staten Island, Donut World defies expectations with a diverse range of classic to creative doughnuts that are soft, fresh, and generously filled or topped. Unique flavors like apple pie, Nutella, and Oreo contribute to the shop’s charm, complemented by comic book-style signage and a sentient doughnut mascot.


Situated in Chelsea Market, Doughnuttery stands out by making mini doughnuts on the spot, offering crispy exteriors and fluffy interiors coated with various sugars and spices. Flavors like Paris time, purple pig, and urban monkey contribute to the fun, bite-sized, and addictive nature of these freshly made doughnuts.

Dun-Well Doughnuts

In East Williamsburg, Dun-Well Doughnuts is a vegan haven, offering over 200 flavors of organic, soft, moist, and flavorful doughnuts. With daily changes to the menu, options include blueberry, peanut butter and jelly, and maple bourbon. The retro vibe of the shop, complete with a vintage doughnut machine, record player, and pinball machine, adds to the experience.

Underwest Donuts

With locations in Hell’s Kitchen and the West Side Highway Car Wash, Underwest Donuts specializes in rich and tender cake doughnuts glazed with flavors inspired by New York, including halva, dark chocolate, and espresso bean. Seasonal options like pumpkin spice and candy cane contribute to the shop’s simple yet elegant offerings.

Dough Loco

In East Harlem, Dough Loco takes a bold and spicy approach with yeast dough doughnuts glazed in flavors like blueberry miso, raspberry sriracha, and blood orange poppy. These colorful and messy doughnuts exude attitude, appealing to those seeking a funky and quirky doughnut experience.

Moe’s Doughs

In Greenpoint, Moe’s Doughs offers classic and nostalgic yeast dough doughnuts, perfect for morning treats or afternoon snacks. Glazed with familiar and comforting flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, Moe’s Doughs also features specials like rainbow doughnuts, cronuts, and doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

The Conclusion

These represent some of the finest doughnuts in New York, as per diverse sources and reviews. Individual preferences vary, and the city boasts numerous other doughnut shops worth exploring. The key to finding your favorite doughnut lies in savoring the experience firsthand—after all, life is too short to pass up on doughnuts.

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