These Doughnuts Have Been Named the Best in Minnesota

When it comes to doughnuts, Minnesota might not be the first place that crosses your mind. However, the Land of 10,000 Lakes boasts a variety of delectable options to satiate your sweet cravings. Whether you lean towards classic or innovative, cake or yeast, glazed or filled, Minnesota has a doughnut shop tailored to your taste. Explore some of the finest doughnut establishments in the state that are worth a try.

Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

Situated in Minneapolis, Bogart’s Doughnut Co. is a beloved spot known for its freshly made and flavorful doughnuts. Crafted from a signature 18-hour brioche dough, these treats are light and airy. Using genuine ingredients like vanilla beans, brown butter, and seasonal fruits, their glazes and fillings elevate the experience. Indulge in favorites like the brown butter glazed, Nutella-filled, and vanilla bean custard-filled doughnuts.

Nelson Brother’s Bakery

Nestled inside the Clearwater Travel Plaza along Interstate 94, Nelson Brother’s Bakery caters to travelers with doughnuts famously described as “as big as your face.” Available in a range of flavors like apple, strawberry, blueberry, maple, and chocolate, these doughnuts are complemented by an array of other baked goods, including pies, cookies, and breads.

Hans’ Bakery

Located in Anoka, Hans’ Bakery, a historic establishment, was revitalized by a new owner after a temporary closure. Renowned for its German specialties, such as the “German Beehive,” a layered pastry filled with custard and adorned with almonds and honey, Hans’ Bakery also offers colossal “Texas” doughnuts in flavors like chocolate, maple, and peanut butter.

A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop

A quaint and charming bakery in Minneapolis, A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop has been a community favorite for over two decades. Their doughnuts, while simple, are delicious, with the spotlight on their crispy cinnamon sugar doughnuts. The bakery also offers an array of other pastries, including pies, cakes, and scones.

Granny Donuts

Since 1987, Granny Donuts, a family-owned bakery in West St. Paul, has been delighting customers with their freshly made doughnuts. The glazed, chocolate-frosted, and apple fritter doughnuts are among their best-selling, classic, and affordable treats.


Minnesota’s doughnut scene caters to all preferences, from traditional to trendy, small to large, and sweet to savory. While these are just a few of the best doughnut shops in Minnesota, the state offers many more delightful discoveries. The next time you crave a doughnut, consider visiting one of these establishments to experience firsthand why Minnesota boasts some of the finest doughnuts in the country.

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