These Doughnuts Have Been Named the Best in California

California boasts a remarkable blend of diversity, evident not just in its people, culture, and landscapes, but also in its culinary offerings. From north to south, coastal to inland, the Golden State’s rich history is reflected in its varied cuisines. When it comes to delectable desserts, California stands out for hosting some of the finest doughnut establishments in the nation.

Doughnuts, beloved treats enjoyed throughout the day, present a spectrum of shapes, sizes, flavors, and toppings customizable to individual preferences. Whether glazed, filled, frosted, or sprinkled, California offers a doughnut for every palate.

Exploring California’s Top Doughnut Shops

  1. Rocklin Donuts & CinnamonLocated in Rocklin, California, Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon, operating since 2016, is a family-owned gem known for its fresh and flavorful doughnuts. With a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu featuring favorites like apple fritters and maple bacon bars, it has earned the top spot in Yelp’s 2023 rankings.
  2. HOLEHOLE, a doughnut shop in Asheville, North Carolina, has secured the second spot in California’s rankings. Specializing in made-to-order, hot, and fresh doughnuts crafted from organic, locally sourced ingredients, HOLE keeps its menu simple and offers a delightful variety of flavors each day.
  3. JD Flannel Donuts and CoffeeSan Juan Capistrano’s JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee stands out for its gourmet and artisanal doughnuts. Founded by doughnut enthusiasts, the shop uses high-quality ingredients and creates innovative flavors, such as maple bacon, Nutella cream, and lemon lavender. It claims the third position in Yelp’s 2023 rankings.
  4. Munchkins Donuts ShopIn business since 1978, Munchkins Donuts Shop in Covina, California, is a local favorite with a retro vibe. It secures the fourth position in Yelp’s rankings, offering a variety of doughnuts, including classic glazed and exotic flavors like coconut and guava, along with other baked goods and beverages.
  5. Randy’s DonutsSituated in Inglewood, California, Randy’s Donuts, established in 1953, is famous for its iconic giant doughnut sign. With a diverse clientele, it offers a vast selection of doughnuts, from traditional glazed to adventurous flavors like red velvet and maple bacon, securing the fifth spot in Yelp’s 2023 rankings.


California’s doughnut scene caters to diverse tastes, providing classic and gourmet options for every preference. These top doughnut shops not only serve delightful treats but also curate memorable experiences. For a doughnut experience that transcends the ordinary, consider exploring these exceptional establishments on your next craving-induced adventure.

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