These 3 Counties Are the Most Heavily Armed Counties in Michigan

Michigan is renowned for its strong hunting traditions and the widespread use of firearms among its residents. A recent study has pinpointed the counties with the highest percentage of homes possessing firearms. This article explores the top three most heavily armed counties in the state.

Macomb County: Leading in Firearm Ownership

Macomb County stands out as Michigan’s most heavily armed county. With a population exceeding 875,000, it is the second-largest county in the state. According to the study, 29.9% of homes in Macomb County are equipped with firearms. This significant statistic reflects the county’s robust hunting culture and the residents’ emphasis on self-defense.

Understanding the Statistics

The study, conducted by City-Data, ranked U.S. counties based on the percentage of homes with firearms. It is crucial to note that the 29.9% figure does not signify individual ownership but rather the presence of a firearm within the household. This encompasses all legal firearms, whether utilized for hunting or kept for personal safety.

Legal Implications and Safety Measures

Michigan takes its hunting laws seriously, imposing strict penalties for violations. These penalties include fines and jail time for offenses such as poaching, illegal possession, and carrying a firearm under the influence. The state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides clear guidelines to ensure responsible firearm use and ownership.

Comparisons with Other Counties

While Macomb County leads in Michigan, it holds the #99 spot nationally. The most heavily armed county in the U.S. is Stewart County, TN, where 64% of residents have a firearm in their home. This comparison offers a broader perspective on Michigan’s firearm ownership.


The prevalence of firearms in Michigan homes underscores the state’s hunting heritage and the importance placed on personal safety. Macomb County’s high ranking reflects these priorities and emphasizes the significance of responsible firearm ownership and adherence to legal guidelines.

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