The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Wyoming is Terrifying

Wyoming, renowned for its natural splendor, holds a fascinating, albeit enigmatic, historical background. Among the many eerie locations within the state, the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base Cemetery in Cheyenne stands out as one of the most haunted spots, where numerous restless spirits are said to wander.

Cemetery Origins

Established in 1867, the cemetery served as the final resting place for soldiers and civilians who perished at Fort D.A. Russell, later evolving into the air force base. Covering 39 acres, it houses over 4,000 graves, including those of Medal of Honor recipients, Indian Wars veterans, and Buffalo Soldiers.

Notable interments at the cemetery include Big Nose George Parrott, an infamous outlaw lynched and skinned by a furious mob in 1881, with his skull and death mask exhibited at the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins. Another significant grave belongs to the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. While her remains were never recovered, a memorial stone was erected in her honor at the cemetery in 1979.

Paranormal Activity

Numerous accounts from visitors and staff detail eerie phenomena within the cemetery grounds:

  • Audible experiences like voices, footsteps, gunshots, and bugle calls, particularly noticeable at night or near soldier graves.
  • Sightings of apparitions, shadows, orbs, and mists, some captured on camera.
  • Sensations of cold spots, touches, and pushes, suggesting an attempt to draw attention or induce fear.
  • Electronic malfunctions with devices such as cameras, phones, and flashlights.
  • Discovery of moved or missing objects, like flowers, flags, and coins left on graves.

The most active areas are the Old Post Section, housing the oldest graves, the Confederate Section with 18 buried Confederate prisoners of war, and the Children’s Section, where many young souls find their rest.

Legend of the Lady in Blue

One chilling tale connected to the cemetery involves the Lady in Blue, a spectral figure often spotted in a blue dress. She is believed to be the spirit of a heartbroken young woman who took her life after her lover died in a duel.

According to the legend, the woman, daughter of a wealthy rancher, fell in love with a soldier stationed at Fort D.A. Russell. Her father disapproved, arranging her marriage to another man. The soldier, challenging the suitor to a duel, was fatally shot. The heartbroken woman, donned in blue at his funeral, hanged herself from a tree near his grave.

Her ghost roams the cemetery, searching for her lost love. Opinions vary on her nature, with some perceiving her as harmless and sorrowful, while others believe her to be angry and vengeful. Encounters with the Lady in Blue include following visitors, whispering in their ears, or even physical interactions. She is most frequently sighted on full moon nights or her death anniversary on October 31.

Cemetery Today

The cemetery remains operational, welcoming the public from dawn to dusk. Visitors are encouraged to explore respectfully, acknowledging the graves and the spirits. Paranormal investigators have conducted studies, providing evidence of the haunting.

As a historical landmark, the cemetery hosts guided tours and special events throughout the year, including a Memorial Day Ceremony, a Wreaths Across America Ceremony, and a Halloween Ghost Tour.


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