The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in South Carolina is Terrifying

South Carolina is a state rich in history and culture, but also in mystery and horror. Among the many haunted places in the Palmetto State, there is one that stands out as the most terrifying: Hells Gate, the nickname of Oakwood Cemetery in Spartanburg. Hells Gate is a cemetery that has witnessed gruesome crimes, satanic rituals, and paranormal phenomena. It is a place where the dead do not rest in peace, but rather torment the living with their screams, apparitions, and curses.

How did Hells Gate get its name?

Hells Gate is not the official name of the cemetery, but rather a nickname given by the locals who know its dark secrets. The cemetery was established in the late 1800s as Oakwood Cemetery, and it was the oldest and largest cemetery in Spartanburg. It was divided into sections, according to the social status and religion of the deceased. The most prominent and wealthy citizens were buried in the front section, while the poor, the prisoners, and the unknown were buried in the back section, known as the potters’ field.

The potters’ field was the source of many rumors and legends, as it was said to be the site of occult practices and evil deeds. Some claimed that the cemetery was built on an ancient Native American burial ground, and that the spirits of the natives were angry and vengeful. Others claimed that the cemetery was cursed by a witch, who was buried alive in the potters’ field for practicing black magic. Still others claimed that the cemetery was haunted by the victims of a serial killer, who dumped their bodies in the potters’ field and marked their graves with stones.

The most disturbing and widely accepted legend, however, was that the cemetery was used by a group of Satanists, who performed rituals and sacrifices in the potters’ field. They allegedly opened a portal to hell, and unleashed demons and evil spirits into the cemetery. They also desecrated the graves of the innocent, and stole their bones and belongings for their rituals. The cemetery became known as Hells Gate, and many people avoided it at all costs.

What happened at Hells Gate in 2012?

The legend of Hells Gate became more terrifying and real in 2012, when a shocking discovery was made by the caretaker of the cemetery. He found that one of the graves in the potters’ field had been vandalized and violated. The concrete vault had been broken into, and the casket had been pried open. The corpse of a young woman, who had died in 2009, had been mutilated and defiled. Her skull had been removed, and her body had been covered with symbols and candles.

The police were called, and they launched an investigation into the gruesome crime. They suspected that it was the work of the Satanists, who had returned to Hells Gate for another ritual. They also found evidence of other graves that had been disturbed and desecrated. They arrested and questioned several suspects, who were known to be involved in the occult and had been seen near the cemetery. However, none of them confessed or provided any useful information. The case remains unsolved to this day.

What are the paranormal phenomena reported at Hells Gate?

The crime at Hells Gate in 2012 was not the only horror that occurred at the cemetery. Many people have reported experiencing paranormal phenomena at Hells Gate, especially in the potters’ field. Some of the phenomena include:

– Hearing screams, moans, whispers, and laughter coming from the graves and the woods.
– Seeing apparitions, shadows, orbs, and mists moving around the cemetery.
– Feeling cold spots, touches, pushes, and scratches from unseen forces.
– Smelling foul odors, such as rotting flesh, sulfur, and blood.
– Having nightmares, visions, and hallucinations after visiting the cemetery.
– Experiencing malfunctions, interferences, and drainages of electronic devices, such as cell phones, cameras, and flashlights.
– Suffering from physical and mental illnesses, such as headaches, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Many people believe that these phenomena are caused by the restless and angry spirits of the dead, who are trapped and tormented at Hells Gate. Some of them are the victims of the Satanists, who seek justice and revenge. Others are the demons and evil spirits, who seek to harm and possess the living. Others are the guardians and protectors of the cemetery, who seek to warn and scare away the intruders.


Hells Gate is the most haunted and terrifying cemetery in South Carolina, and perhaps in the whole country. It is a place where history, legend, and horror collide, and where the dead do not rest in peace. It is a place where the living should not dare to enter, unless they are prepared to face the horrors that await them. Hells Gate is a place where the name says it all.

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