The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Missouri is Terrifying

Missouri boasts a rich and varied history, though it also harbors a darker side. Among the numerous haunted locations in the state, the Zion Cemetery in St. Louis stands out as one of the most infamous, known for alleged satanic rituals, murders, and paranormal activity that can send shivers down your spine.

The Background of Zion Cemetery

Established in 1864 as a burial ground for members of the Zion Evangelical Church, the cemetery spans 13 acres and contains over 19,000 graves. The tombstones, many inscribed in German, reflect the heritage of the church’s congregation.

Initially peaceful and well-maintained, Zion Cemetery took a dark turn in the 1970s when it became a target for vandalism and desecration. Graves were disturbed, tombstones shattered, and remains scattered or stolen, with some culprits purportedly being satanists engaging in rituals with bones and skulls. The church couldn’t afford repairs or security, leading to the cemetery’s subsequent neglect and decay.

The Ghostly Encounters at Zion Cemetery

The unsettling events at Zion Cemetery have left an enduring mark, with many believing the land is haunted by restless spirits. Reported paranormal occurrences include:

  • Apparitions: Visitors claim to witness the ghosts of children, nuns, and soldiers, especially near the mass grave of Spanish Flu victims. Some apparitions are described as angry and aggressive, while others emanate a sad and mournful presence.
  • Voices and Noises: Whispers, screams, laughter, and crying, sometimes in German, have been heard. Additionally, visitors report sounds like gunshots, explosions, and marching, potentially linked to buried Civil War soldiers.
  • Cold Spots and Touches: Sudden drops in temperature and the sensation of unseen hands grabbing, pushing, or scratching. Some have felt breath on their necks or kisses on their cheeks.
  • Orbs and Mists: Captured on cameras and videos, strange lights and shapes, including orbs, mists, and shadows, some with discernible faces or figures.

The Perils of Zion Cemetery

Zion Cemetery is not for the faint of heart, as visitors should be aware of potential risks and dangers:

  • Legal Trouble: The cemetery is private property, and trespassing is illegal, risking fines or arrests if caught.
  • Physical Harm: The cemetery is unsafe and unstable, with scattered broken glass, rusty metal, and sharp objects. Visitors might also encounter wild animals, snakes, or insects.
  • Psychological Trauma: Terrifying and disturbing, the cemetery could lead to nightmares, anxiety, or depression post-visit. Some visitors even report feeling cursed or followed by spirits after leaving.


Zion Cemetery stands as one of Missouri’s most haunted places, with a tragic and chilling history. The lingering spirits are not known for their friendliness. Visitors must exercise caution and respect when exploring the cemetery, being prepared for potential consequences. Zion Cemetery isn’t a destination for the curious or adventurous but for the brave and bold.

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