The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Florida is Terrifying

Florida boasts a rich and varied history, coupled with an eerie side that adds an element of mystery to its past. Among the many haunted locales in the state, the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando stands out as one of the most chilling. As the oldest, largest, and reputedly the most haunted cemetery in Orlando, its tale is sure to send shivers down your spine.

The History of Greenwood Cemetery

Established in 1880, Greenwood Cemetery sprawls across 86 acres of land. Serving as the final resting place for over 70,000 individuals, it includes some of Orlando’s most influential figures in its burial grounds.

Noteworthy personalities interred here include Joseph Bumby, a pioneer merchant, and citrus grower; Jacob Summerlin, a cattle king and philanthropist; Linton Allen, a banker and civic leader; John Young, a real estate developer and visionary; Thomas Gilbert Lee, a citrus magnate; Bob Carr, a mayor of Orlando and congressman; Joseph L. Guernsey, a lawyer and politician; and Harry P. Leu, a businessman and horticulturist.

The Hauntings of Greenwood Cemetery

Given the vast number of occupants, Greenwood Cemetery is rumored to be haunted by numerous restless spirits. Reported paranormal occurrences include:

  • The ghost of a woman in a white dress, believed to be the wife of a Confederate soldier, wandering and weeping for her lost love.
  • A man in a black suit, thought to be a former caretaker, strolling along the road, sometimes with a canine companion, dutifully watching over the graves.
  • The spirit of a young girl near the pond, playing and seeking companionship, said to be the daughter of a wealthy family who met a tragic end.
  • The ghost of a boy on a bicycle, reminiscent of the polio epidemic in the 1950s, still relishing his childhood.
  • A soldier’s apparition standing guard at the cemetery entrance, possibly a World War II veteran honoring his duty.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

As of now, there’s no official confirmation or denial regarding the hauntings of Greenwood Cemetery from authorities or the city of Orlando. Several sources have debunked these tales, attributing them to urban legends or imagination. For instance, the ghostly woman in the white dress is said to be a statue, and the man in the black suit a shadow. The cemetery staff and volunteers report no paranormal activity, welcoming visitors interested in its history and culture.


In conclusion, while the lore surrounding this haunted cemetery is captivating, its veracity remains uncertain. Greenwood Cemetery stands as a historical and cultural landmark, a testament to Orlando’s past and present. While it might not be as haunted as some claim, it remains a compelling place to explore for those intrigued by history, mystery, and legend. So, if you ever find yourself wondering, “Are there haunted cemeteries near me?” in Orlando, the answer is a resounding yes.

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