The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Florida is Terrifying

As spooky season descends upon us, the allure of haunted places beckons thrill-seekers to explore the eerie realms of the supernatural. Among the most notorious sites for paranormal activity are graveyards and cemeteries, where the restless spirits of the departed are said to roam.

According to Cheapism’s exploration of the creepiest graveyards across the United States, the title of Florida’s spookiest graveyard belongs to none other than the Huguenot Cemetery.

This ancient burial ground predates Florida’s tenure as a U.S. territory and later as a state. Its origins trace back to the early 19th century when it served as the final resting place for victims of the 1821 yellow fever epidemic and members of St. Augustine’s Protestant community.

Located near the Old City Gates in St. Augustine, the Huguenot Cemetery has garnered a reputation as a hotspot for ghostly encounters. Ghost tours often make a stop at this historic site, regaling visitors with tales of spectral sightings and chilling encounters.

Among the restless souls said to inhabit the cemetery is the ghost of Judge John B. Stickney. Legend has it that after his body was exhumed for relocation to Washington, D.C., two mischievous individuals pilfered his gold teeth, provoking the judge’s spirit to linger in search of his missing dental treasures.

For those daring enough to explore its shadowy grounds, the Huguenot Cemetery offers a spine-tingling journey into Florida’s haunted past. Located at 3 Cordova St. in St. Augustine, it’s conveniently situated just a short stroll away from the city’s Pirate & Treasure Museum, adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already spine-chilling adventure.

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