The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Alabama is Terrifying

Alabama boasts numerous cemeteries rumored to be haunted, yet none match the chilling reputation of Bass Cemetery. Situated in Irondale and spanning over two centuries, this graveyard serves as the final resting place for Civil War soldiers, pioneers, and outlaws, witnessing eerie phenomena such as mysterious noises, apparitions, and unsettling open tombs. This blog delves into the haunting history of Bass Cemetery, uncovering why it stands as one of Alabama’s most fear-inducing locations.

The History of Bass Cemetery

Established in the early 1800s, Bass Cemetery ranks among Jefferson County’s oldest graveyards. Named after Revolutionary War veteran John Bass, who donated the land, this four-acre cemetery holds over 600 graves, many unmarked or illegible. Surrounded by a dense forest, its only access is via a dirt road.

The cemetery hosts a multitude of notable and notorious figures, including:

  1. William “Bloody Bill” Sketoe: A Confederate soldier hanged by Union troops for allegedly aiding deserters, marked by a stone with a hole representing the noose’s location.
  2. John Henry: A legendary folk hero who purportedly died in a contest against a steam drill, memorialized by a simple wooden cross.
  3. Mary “Grancer” Harrison: A wealthy plantation owner buried in dancing shoes and a white suit, enclosed by a large iron fence. Legend has it that his ghost continues to dance and play music on his fiddle.
  4. James “Rattlesnake” Salter: A notorious outlaw killed by a bounty hunter, identified by a pile of rocks with a rattlesnake skin. His ghost is said to wander the cemetery with his gun and snake.

The Haunting of Bass Cemetery

Bass Cemetery, steeped in history, is also shrouded in the supernatural. Visitors report various paranormal occurrences, including:

  1. Strange Noises: Footsteps, whispers, screams, moans, laughter, and sounds of horses, wagons, guns, and fiddles.
  2. Apparitions: A woman in a white dress, a man in a Confederate uniform, a boy in a blue shirt, and a man with a snake around his neck. Some witnesses also describe glowing orbs, mists, and shadows.
  3. Open Tombs: Mary Elizabeth McGraw’s tomb, a young girl who succumbed to tuberculosis, found open and empty in 2009, leaving her fate a mystery.
  4. Physical Sensations: Cold spots, hot spots, breezes, touches, scratches, and feelings of nausea, dizziness, or faintness.

Conclusion: Bass Cemetery – A Place of Mystery and Horror

In summary, Bass Cemetery is a realm of mystery and horror, where history intertwines with legend, and the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. A place of uncertain futures, where bravery and curiosity can lead to exploration, but unwary souls might find themselves facing an ominous fate. While often overlooked, Bass Cemetery is a haunting locale that demands acknowledgment.

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