The Poorest Town in Wyoming Has Been Revealed

Wyoming, often hailed as the “Equality State,” boasts breathtaking landscapes, a rich history, and a diverse economy. Nevertheless, economic struggles persist in certain areas, with Fort Washakie emerging as Wyoming’s poorest town, according to recent data.

Economic Overview

While the typical Wyoming household earns $68,002 annually, Fort Washakie paints a different picture with a median household income of just $41,944 per year. This figure represents a stark 38.3% dip compared to the statewide median income.

Poverty Statistics

Fort Washakie grapples with a 30.1% poverty rate, significantly surpassing Wyoming’s overall poverty rate of 10.7%. This underscores a notable proportion of the town’s residents living below the poverty line.

Putting it in Context

Crucially, these statistics don’t pass judgment on Fort Washakie’s residents or the town’s vibrant culture and traditions. Instead, they offer a factual portrayal of the economic hurdles faced by the community.

While Fort Washakie currently bears the label of Wyoming’s poorest town, similar economic challenges are evident in other places like Laramie and Buffalo. Laramie, for instance, holds the second-lowest median household income in the state, coupled with the highest poverty rate.


Addressing economic disparities and enhancing residents’ quality of life requires collaborative efforts from diverse stakeholders. As the economy evolves, monitoring these economically challenged areas is crucial, working toward sustainable solutions.

It’s vital to recognize that these statistics don’t encapsulate the essence of the towns or their inhabitants. They merely capture a snapshot of the current economic landscape. The spirit, resilience, and potential of these communities extend far beyond numerical representations.


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