The Poorest Town in Ohio Has Been Revealed

Ohio, ranked as the twenty-second wealthiest state in the United States, boasts a variety of cities and towns, each with its distinctive economic profile. Amidst this diversity, one town that stands out for its economic challenges is Lincoln Heights.

Overview of Lincoln Heights

Situated in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Lincoln Heights is home to approximately 3,100 residents. Identified as the poorest among Ohio’s 623 towns, the town’s median household income is a mere $12,183 annually, significantly lower than the state average of $61,938.

Economic Challenges

Lincoln Heights faces multifaceted economic challenges, with an above-average percentage of residents living in poverty, unemployed, or earning less than they should. The median home value in Lincoln Heights is $72,600, in stark contrast to the state average of $159,900, reflecting the economic hardship experienced by its residents.

A Broader Perspective

While Lincoln Heights holds the unfortunate title of Ohio’s poorest town, it is not alone in its struggles. Other towns, such as East Cleveland and Youngstown, also confront significant economic challenges. East Cleveland, with a population of 14,212, claims the lowest median household income in Ohio and the third-highest poverty rate. Youngstown, housing 61,274 residents, ranks as having the fourth-highest incidence of poverty and the third-lowest median household income.


The economic hardships faced by Lincoln Heights and similar towns in Ohio underscore the stark disparities within the state. These statistics provide a sobering look at the realities of poverty, emphasizing the need for targeted economic policies and interventions to uplift these communities. It is essential to recognize that these numbers do not define the people or the rich culture and traditions of these places but serve as a call to action for improvement and change.


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