The Most Unsafe U.S. Cruise Lines

Cruise lines present a unique fusion of opulence and excitement as they transport passengers to diverse global destinations. Nevertheless, safety remains a paramount concern for numerous travelers. This article aims to illuminate aspects of concern related to certain U.S. cruise lines, considering factors like crime rates, health and safety violations, and customer reviews.

Crime Rates on Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Line stands out with the highest number of reported crimes, totaling 20 incidents. These alleged offenses occurred on board, aligning with the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA), which outlines security requisites for ships embarking and disembarking from U.S. ports.

Health and Safety Violations

The unwelcome vacation memento, Norovirus, poses a significant worry for many travelers. While the report refrains from specifying cruise lines with the most violations, it emphasizes the importance for potential passengers to delve into this aspect during their cruise line selection process.

Customer Reviews

In evaluating the safety of a cruise line, customer reviews and feedback serve as invaluable resources. One unnamed Cruise Line has gained notoriety among passengers, offering an experience likened to a sea-bound nightmare. Numerous negative reviews and customer feedback underscore substantial issues that have left travelers disheartened and dissatisfied.


While this article provides a glimpse into some of the least secure U.S. cruise lines, it is imperative for travelers to conduct thorough research before finalizing their cruise bookings. Factors such as crime rates, health and safety violations, and customer reviews should all be factored in to guarantee a secure and pleasurable cruise experience.


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