The Most Stressed City in New Jersey Has Been Revealed

New Jersey, renowned for its beaches, casinos, diners, and diverse culture, also bears the burden of being one of the most stressful states in the US due to high taxes, traffic, and living costs. So, which city in New Jersey clinches the title of the most stressed?

In a recent study conducted by WalletHub, a personal finance website, the answer is Newark. The study evaluated 182 US cities using 42 stress indicators, including unemployment, poverty, crime, divorce, health, and environmental factors. Newark secured the position of the fourth most stressed city in the country, trailing behind Detroit, Cleveland, and Birmingham.

Unraveling Newark’s Stress Factors

Newark, as New Jersey’s largest and most populous city, grapples with a history of economic and social challenges. The city suffered from the decline of manufacturing and the 1967 riots, leading to widespread damage and violence. Presently, high rates of poverty, unemployment, crime, and pollution contribute to Newark’s stress levels.

The WalletHub study pinpointed Newark as the worst in the nation for family stress, encompassing divorce rates, single-parent households, child poverty, and childcare costs. Additionally, the city ranked second worst for health and safety stress, which includes factors like health insurance, life expectancy, mental health, and violent crime. Poor rankings were also observed in work stress and financial stress, covering income, debt, bankruptcy, and job security.

Easing Newark’s Stress

Despite facing numerous challenges, Newark possesses opportunities and resources to enhance its situation. The city boasts a vibrant culture, rich history, and strategic location. Signs of economic and social development, such as downtown revitalization, educational and healthcare expansions, and the attraction of new businesses and investments, offer hope.

To alleviate stress, Newark must address underlying issues like poverty, inequality, crime, and pollution through collaborative efforts among the government, private sector, community, and non-profit sector. Potential solutions include:

  • Investing in education and training to elevate workforce skills and opportunities
  • Providing affordable and accessible healthcare and mental health services for residents’ well-being
  • Enhancing public safety to reduce crime and violence
  • Promoting environmental sustainability for improved quality of life
  • Fostering family and community cohesion to build social capital and trust


Newark emerges as New Jersey’s most stressed city, based on WalletHub’s recent study. The city grapples with stress in various domains, including family, health, work, and finance. To alleviate this, Newark must address root causes and leverage its strengths and opportunities, aiming to become a more livable and prosperous city for residents and visitors alike.


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