The Most Haunted Road In Illinois

For those seeking an eerie adventure in Illinois, the infamous Bloods Point Road in Boone County beckons. Regarded as one of the most haunted locales in the state, this short stretch of road is steeped in a chilling history of murders, accidents, suicides, and whispers of witchcraft. In this blog post, delve into the haunting legend of Bloods Point Road and discover why it’s a destination for the daring.

The History Unveiled

Bloods Point Road derives its name from Arthur Blood, an early settler in the 1830s. The Blood family, respected within the community, owned a vast farm and a cemetery along the road. Yet, rumors linger of occult ties and a secret pact with the devil. One tale recounts Arthur Blood’s ghost haunting a bridge where he supposedly took his own life. Another suggests that his daughter, rumored to be a witch, placed a curse on the road and its travelers.

Over the years, the road has witnessed tragic events, including a fatal school bus accident, a train derailment resulting in a massive explosion, and a series of murders and suicides by locals. Some attribute these incidents to a curse, while others point to malevolent spirits lurking on the road.

Encounters on Bloods Point Road

Brave souls venturing onto Bloods Point Road report eerie experiences, including:

Ghost lights: Orbs of light that materialize and vanish on the road, at times trailing or pursuing passing cars. Some believe these are the souls of children lost in the bus accident, while others see them as the eyes of the devil.

Apparitions: Ghostly figures of people or animals, like the Phantom Lady of Kennedy Hill Road, donning a white dress, the specter of Arthur Blood hanging from the bridge, and the boger—a tall entity clad in black pants, a white shirt, and a scarf.

Noises: Echoes of screams, laughter, crying, or music heard on the road, often emanating from the cemetery or nearby woods. Some attribute these sounds to the echoes of the past, while others interpret them as signs of a sinister presence.

Other phenomena: Sensations of being watched, touched, or pushed by unseen forces, electronic devices malfunctioning, strange symbols or messages appearing on the road, and a gravity-defying sensation in certain sections.

In Conclusion

Bloods Point Road remains a source of fascination and fear for those intrigued by the paranormal. A place where the normal laws of nature seem suspended, it challenges the brave and curious to unravel its secrets and confront its terrors. If you’re seeking a haunted road in Illinois, Bloods Point Road awaits. But proceed with caution; you may encounter more than you bargained for.

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